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Cheap Washing Machines Under £150


People on a budget will be happy to learn that there are cheap washing machines under £150available. It is simply a case of knowing where to look. Most washing machine manufacturers start their most basic models at around £250. There are one or two models available at just over £200 but these are rare and made by brands which most people will never of heard of.


If looking to buy a new appliance it would be wise to choose a more expensive model manufactured by a quality known brand. These can be obtained by paying for the product in installments. People looking for cheap washing machines under £150 that are brand new simply will not find anything. Therefore applying for credit is a better option as a more reliable and efficient machine can be purchased and paid for in the future. Some retailers offer interest free credit which means that there will be no additional charges on the sale price of a washing machine.

All homes need a washing machine and it is something that is used regularly. That is why it is worth buying a model made by a quality brand. It is certainly worth purchasing the product from a electrical retailer because they will have good after sales care. They will want to keep their promise with regards to a guarantee, especially if you still owe them money on the product.


People who do not wish to get in dept when purchasing a machine can look into the option of buying used cheap washing machines under £150. Great care should be taken if considering purchasing a second hand item because they may be damaged or faulty.. There is no point in spending £150 on a machine which appears to be in good condition, but then a leak is discovered.


There are classified adverts in local newspapers where people sell washing machines for under £150. If purchasing one using this method, it is advisable to visit the persons house and see the machine in working condition. Let them demonstrate how the machine works and prove that it is not making any loud noises or leaking. The downside of buying one in this way is that transport is a problem. If the buyer or seller does not own a van, it may be necessary to hire one which will only add to the expense.


There are also classified adverts websites online, there are also auction sites online too. Auction sites are extremely popular because there are some real bargains to be found. Sometimes people will start the bidding at very low amounts as they simply want to get the machine out of their home. Auction sites are an excellent way to find cheap washing machines under £150. The major problem with these sites is that the machine cannot be seen in working condition before the auction has ended, there is also the problem of transporting such a large appliance.


The final option for anybody searching for cheap washing machines under £150 is too look for display models or faulty models sold by a retailer. Many retail outlets have items for products which have been shown in this shop. These will be slightly damaged but this damage could be superficial, for example some mild scratching on the outside. The key is to determine what the fault or damage is before buying. If it is something internal then the likelihood is that it will be a recurring problem, otherwise the retailer would've had it fixed. If it is some external scratching or a dent, then that is something which most people can live with. It is certainly worth looking for these damaged items as there can be some real bargains found.